A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

My teams entry for Ludum Dare 46

You live for Food, flavour and freshness, you like your Chili hot, your Burritos well rolled and your Nachos crunchy!
As a chef you're determinded to keep your recipes alive and serve only the best food there is. But be aware, a day as a chef can get very demanding. The key to a good meal is a well timed and well performed task, while maintaining a cool head and fridge.

In order to cook the recipes you have to push, press repeatedly and/or hold the keyboard buttons seen on screen. Keep a good eye on the thermometer of your fridge, since spoiled food won't help you create delicious meals and will end in certain DEATH!


You need a keyboard with a high key-rollover (how many buttons can be pressed at once). It will run anyway but you might not be able to press as many buttons at ones which makes it harder.
Works best with QWERTY and QWERTZ layouts.


Piotr Dyderski - awesomepjot.org
Philipp Hafellner - www.philipphafellner.com
Jakob Lindner - www.jakob-lindner.com
Simone Müller - simonemueller.artstation.com
Simon Reiser - https://70fu.itch.io/
Alexander F. Römich - soundcloud.com/spin360


El Burriton - Windows 104 MB
El Burriton - Mac 108 MB

Install instructions

1. Extract elburriton.zip

2. Execute elburriton.exe

3. Play the game

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