Sadly the WebGL version breaks sometimes.. Windows build shoud work fine tho :)


Oh no! The insects grew to giant size and are attacking humanity!

Good that I always keep a rocket in my barn for situations just like this. Now I only need to collect enough rocket fuel to hide deep in outer space.

In DigTD you fight off hoards of insects by placing traps in your underground maze. Meanwhile you gather as much rocket fuel as you can for that sweet highscore (and to flee from earth eventually).


Secret tip: Use the mouse to look around!


  • Version 1.0 (the original build directly after the compo ended)
  • Version 1.1 (reccommended version)
    • hopefully fixed an aspect ratio problem
    • added WebGL build

Install instructions

Download the zip, unpack it, start the .exe file, have fun! :-)


Download 19 MB
DigTD_1.0_SourceCode 274 MB
Download (recommended) 19 MB

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